If you’d like to try astrophotography with a small telescope, this site shows what can be done from your back garden. You don’t need a huge budget or a permanent observatory to capture the night sky. You don’t even need to be blessed with a rural dark sky outside your door. Instead, pleasing results can be captured from a city or suburban location using filters to stop light pollution.

I use a mixture of imaging techniques and equipment set-ups. These  include simple camera-on-tripod shots and grab-and-go views of sunspots. There are also webcam videos of the planets and long exposure images of deep sky objects. Most of the images have used either a small Maksutov Cassegrain telescope  or a portable refractor telescope.

I’ve put a few equipment reviews, how-to-guides and planetary webcam videos onto my YouTube Channel. Please subscribe to the channel if you like the content.

Keep looking up, and happy imaging!