Hi, this is Graham from Jenham’s Astro.

The online world of astronomy and astrophotography sites can overwhelm and confuse newcomers to astronomy. The aim of this site is to show the kind of results that can be had with relatively modest astro setups.

Like most hobbies, as you learn more you can spend a LOT of money, and become expert in automated image capture, high-tech cooled cameras and sophisticated file processing. That’s all fine, but this site is more about taking the right first steps and getting results that will make you and your friends and family smile. Becoming an expert can come later if you want. Then I’ll be happy to learn from you.

I’ll often link to my YouTube channel, and capture conversations I’ve had from video comments if I think they’ll be useful.

So that’s it. Astronomy & Astrophotography. Buy the right kit. Ask for advice. Give it a try.