Celestron C5 Astro – Homemade Wedge

My C5 turned up on an auction site and I had to buy it. The portable observatory from the 1970s & 80s had long been on my telescope bucket list. Until now I’ve used the scope on my garden table, as it didn’t come with a tripod or wedge. I’d seen lots of homebuilt solutions for C8s and thought I’d have a go at a wedge for the little C5. Here are a few photos from the build.

C5 Wedge – seeing if I could use my Vixen HAL 130 for the DIY project.
C5 waiting patiently. 3-off 3/8″ knobs on order to secure it to the wedge
C5 wedge – trial fit of the side boards and the hole for the AC motor cable.
C5 Wedge – ready for first light. I drilled a couple of 34mm recesses to serve as eyepiece holders.
C5 wedge after a coat of paint
Celestron C5 grab and go!